May 31, 2023

Baby Feeding Essentials at Home

It’s true that feeding a baby can be tough, even from the comfort of home. However, it's definitely easier to store and access any of the feeding supplies that you need, no matter how chaotic things get. In the lists below we’ll highlight some of the top baby feeding essentials for newborns or toddlers that you’ll want to have stocked in cupboards or a pantry at home. 

Breastfeeding Products at Home

If you’re still expecting your child, or if you’re looking for more information on how to prepare for breastfeeding, see our other articles on baby essentials for new moms or breastfeeding tips and tricks for new moms. Otherwise, dive into the lists below and learn more about our recommendations for baby feeding essentials at home.

Burp Cloths

There’s no way around the fact that those little eaters get messy especially when they’re first learning to breastfeed. Spitups, dribbled milk, and many other messes are bound to happen. Cotton burp cloths are the perfect cleaning supply to wipe up unexpected spills. Kissy Kissy makes beautiful burp cloths that come in a convenient set of three because, as all parents know, it’s truly impossible to have too many burp cloths! These large burp cloths are easy to throw over your shoulder while soothing a fussy little one. Available in a range of colors and patterns, the Kissy Kissy burp cloth bundle is made from high quality Peruvian cotton. Your baby will love the gentle, luxurious softness. 

Breastmilk Storage

If breastfeeding is going well, you’ll have lots of extra milk supply from pumping while your baby is sleeping or playing, or while you’re at work during the day (after that delightful maternity leave). It’s critical to save excess breast milk so that it’s easily accessible once you transition to a bottle, or when you have someone else watching your baby and still want to have them drink breast milk. It’s a good idea to have plenty of storage options available for chilling or freezing breast milk. The Medela storage solution is the perfect way to get every milk storage option in one comprehensive set. Made without BPA, this collection includes large and small bottles, a convenient storage tray, and bags for freezing. 

Nursing Pillow

Do you find that your arms get tired, sore, or fall asleep against a hard surface while you’re breastfeeding? A nursing pillow is specially designed to fit around your waist and support your baby while they breastfeed. This extra cushion is a massive relief, particularly during a long feeding session, or in the middle of the night. Plus, men can use the nursing pillow for extra support when feeding their baby a bottle. The nursing pillow also helps you accommodate the exact position that your baby needs to feed comfortably and successfully. The Pebble Niche Nursing Pillow from Nook is a multi-functional pillow that will look great and be useful well beyond the breastfeeding phase.  

Bottle Sanitizer

If you haven’t guessed by now, breastfeeding and formula feeding both require a ton of bottles. You’ll be finding bottles under the couch and behind changing tables for months - just accept it now. Because you always need a clean bottle, we recommend using a bottle sterilizer to save space in the dishwasher and avoid having dirty bottles in the sink. Save hours of scrubbing with the microwave sterilizer included in this Avent Natural Baby Bottle set. Use the sterilizer to ensure that each part of the bottle has been thoroughly cleaned and is safe for your baby. Even the smallest contaminate or bacteria can compromise a newborn’s health. 

Bottle Warmer

Some babies prefer their milk to be just the right temperature - and hey, can you blame them? When breastfeeding, newborns obviously get used to milk that’s naturally warmed. Once they begin using a bottle, you can use the Avent Fast Bottle Warmer to make sure that milk (and baby food, later on) reaches the best temperature for your baby. It’s also great for quickly defrosting frozen bags of milk. The numerous temperature settings and smart technology will heat and maintain the temperature at a precise level, meaning you don’t have to worry about overheating! 

Toddler Feeding Essentials at Home

Babies progress quickly, and after 6 months you’ll likely find that your baby is ready to begin eating rice cereal, mashed bananas, and blended foods. Before you know it, you’ll be needing a variety of other dishes, utensils, and sipper cups. Check out the list below to make baby meal times a little less stressful.

Food Feeder

There are multiple ways to introduce your child to the flavors, scents, and temperatures of new foods. Food feeders are an excellent tool for helping your baby try new things without creating a choking hazard. If your baby is bored of bland food or their teeth are starting to come in, it might be a great time to try using a food feeder for both soothing and eating. Because these helpful feeders do usually require you to cut up other foods, we’ve recommended it for optimal use at home, though you can certainly take them anywhere! The Kidsme food feeder is uniquely designed to mimic a pacifier and entice kids with a familiar shape. We like it because it’s also free of lead, BPA, latex, and phthalate.

Dish Set

As babies begin to eat somewhat independently in their highchair, a rubber dish can be just right for helping them develop motor skills without food ending up all over the floor. For kids that are starting to eat more with their hands and utensils and don’t particularly want or need their parent’s help, a simple and durable dish set is crucial for any kitchen. Which baby feeding essentials set is best? The Avanchy Bamboo Suction Classic Plate and Spoon set is great for that ambitious 1-year old who wants to do everything themselves but can’t be trusted with anything breakable! The small size makes these dishes for little hands that are still learning.

Food Containers

What do you do with leftovers once your baby is done eating? Save the adult-sized tupperware for grown-up food and stock up on a set of baby bowls. These dishwasher-safe bowls from Babymoov stack neatly into each other and include a colorful set of tops that screw on for an airtight seal. The transparent material has a rewritable surface and can safely be frozen, microwaved, or put in the dishwasher.


Keep your highchair tray or table top clean with a fun placemat. These sticky silicon place mats help your kids keep their dishes on the table even if they’re accidentally bumped or nudged. The creative and colorful designs will capture your kid’s attention. Plus, these mats can be stored in the freezer, placed in the microwave, and cleaned in the dishwasher, making them fun for kids and easy for parents.

Kid-Safe Utensils 

Eventually, even though it’s entertaining, your kids will stop wanting to use their hands to eat and gravitate more toward what they see mom and dad using to eat. Even if they don’t want to make the switch, you’ll be ready for it once solid foods are introduced. Using a safe, kid-friendly utensil set is the best way to let kids familiarise themselves with the mechanics and motor skills required for utensils. This soft fork and spoon set from Re-Play is perfect for kids that are still teething and learning how to eat. The gentle material is easy on your baby's gums while still being rigid enough to scoop or skewer food. For older children, the utensils set include a beautiful, fork and spoon that are durable and non heat conductive.  

Baby Feeding Essentials On-The-Go 

Feeding kids while you’re traveling is a unique challenge. Even good eaters may have trouble adjusting if they are in a new environment, trying new foods, or over tired. To make things as easy as possible on the whole family, prepare for baby mealtimes by following our thorough list of must-have items.

Breastfeeding Products On-The-Go

After the first few weeks you’ll be eager to get out of the house with your baby! Pack the items below and you’ll be prepared to tackle any feeding emergencies.

Burp Bibs 

While large burp cloths are a great solution for feeding at home, these smaller classic burpy bibs from Aden + Anais are a little bit more compact and easy to add to a baby feeding essentials set that all fits in a diaper bag. We suggest getting 2 or 3 and having them nearby at all times! Consider leaving a burpy bib on for a while after breastfeeding as your baby may spit up periodically, and you might be able to salvage that cute outfit.

Nursing Cover

Protect your privacy while breastfeeding outside the house. You can’t control when your baby will want to be breastfed, but you can be prepared to nurse even in a public area. Even better, these muslin nursing covers from Bebe Au Lait add a sophisticated flair of fashion to any outfit. 

Breast Pump

Handling babies' needs at home is one thing, but what if you’re traveling and aren’t able to breastfeed? A discreet, portable breast pump is the best option to help you maintain your milk supply and keep breastmilk on hand that can be bottle fed to a hungry baby. The basic Medela manual hand pump is great if you don’t want to think about batteries, but the Elvie electric pump is a more convenient, hands-free option that can still fit in a purse, luggage, or a diaper bag. 

Bottle Set

It seems obvious, but it’s worth mentioning that you will need a great bottle set no matter if you’re breastfeeding or using formula. It’s also hard to anticipate exactly which type of bottle and nipple your baby will prefer. The Comotomo 7-piece bottle set is a wonderful starting point for any new parents because these soft bottles are easy to hold and intentionally designed to replicate the natural shape of a breast. These bottles also have clever anti-coli features and are remarkably easy to clean. A large bottle set will ensure that you have plenty extra to take on the go.

Nursing Pads

Every new mother quickly learns to pack nursing pads to absorb milk secretion that usually happens without notice. Avent disposable breast pads are perfect for tucking in a bag while you’re out of the house.  

Toddler Feeding Essentials On The Go

Make day trips to the park, hikes in the woods, or longer vacations a breeze with the right setup for flawless baby mealtimes!

Cooler and Thermos

If you’re taking refrigerated food on the go, make sure it stays cool. For juicy foods or soups, you want your container to be leak-proof and airtight! This beautiful hot and cold bento box from Omielife includes a handy carrying case to bring the whole ensemble together. 

Food Warmer

Understandably, toddler-aged children can be a little picky about whether food is cold or warm. This food warmer from Innobaby doesn’t require any electricity. Instead, you simply add water and the heat packs are activated, making it even easier to serve warm food on the go. 

Snack cup. Keep those cheerios, raisins, or goldfish crackers all together, even then the snack cup is turned upside down. Plastic or silicone snack cups are an absolute lifesaver for parents trying to maintain some semblance of cleanliness in their car or stroller. The Three Hearts silicone snack cup has a pliable opening into which kids can easily fit their hands, retrieving snacks whenever they feel like eating without spilling them everywhere. 

Snacker Bottle

How do you take fresh, delicious smoothies with you anywhere you go? The Squeasy Gear Snacker Bottle is a perfect option for taking pureed foods out with you. Kids will love feeding themselves a cool and delicious treat, and the bottle features a no-spill design to keep kids clean. Free or harmful chemicals, the bottle can also be placed in the top rack of the dishwasher for added convenience.

Stop buying plastic sandwich bags only to use them once and throw them away. Not only is this not economical, it’s also not great for the environment.

No matter where you’re feeding your baby, you’ll want a few other essentials, including a reliable and stylish high chair, and a diaper bag that’s built to hold everything you need.
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