Jun 05, 2023

More parents than ever are seeking safe summer activities to do with kids. We get it. With changing social restrictions and uncertainty around back to school start times, it’s easy for kids to become bored of the same old toys and routines. Plus, it can be hard to find activities for small children that don’t rely on easy forms of entertainment and don’t offer educational or developmental benefits for your kids. At Nini and Loli we’re constantly looking for ways to help parents creatively engage their kids through various activities that encourage thoughtful independent play or bring the family together for intentional connection. Check out the list below for our hand-picked top fun summer activities for kids! 


Top 10 Fun Summer Activities for Kids 

Take a Family Bike Ride

Get the whole family on wheels and enjoy quality time spent outside during the warm summer months. The coordination and physical exertion required for a bike ride is also a great way to help kids burn a little additional energy. If you’re worried that a family bike ride isn’t one of the most feasible activities for small children, consider using a burley or child’s bike seat to make sure everyone is included. If your kids are still in the transitional phase where they really want more independence but can’t fully ride a bike, a Banwood balance bike might be the perfect option. These training bicycles let kids discover how to stay upright while moving forward, allowing them to gain confidence without risking serious injuries. When they’re ready to upgrade, a classic peddle bike with training wheels works best. Is one of your kids an unrelenting renegade? A flex scooter can keep the whole moving in sync, even when someone simply doesn’t want to use a bicycle. Most importantly, what list of fun summer activities for kids would be complete without recommending a bike ride to the ice cream shop?

Head to the Beach or Pool

Nothing feels better than diving into a pool for some refreshing reprieve from the heat. On those “dog days” when it’s just too warm to do anything else, a trip to basically any body of water will lift your family’s spirits and help restore those fun summer vibes. If you’re headed out for a dip, check out our complete guide to the best swimwear for babies for a comprehensive breakdown of clothing you’ll want to keep your kids safe and protected, no matter their age. Don’t forget the essential accessories, including floaties, swim towels, sun hats and more. When the beach is your destination, be sure to bring a bucket, sand toys and plenty of sunscreen. While swimming can be one of the most fun summer activities for kids, younger children need adequate protection from the sun as their sensitive skin is prone to sunburn much more quickly than adults. 

Puzzles, Games & Indoor Activities

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that you won’t have rainy days. On days when a slow drizzle is keeping everyone cooped up indoors, a few games and interactive activities will keep everyone occupied until the sun reappears. For kids with a musical inclination, the DJ Mix & Spin Studio toy is a perfect option for hours of creative play. With a piano sound, 4 instrument sounds, and 18 different sound effects, this toy will keep mini composers entertained for a full afternoon. Kids that have an insatiable appetite to tinker and deconstruct your household objects will love the scientific workbench from Hape. This 79-piece workbench offers 15 different planned experiments and endless possibilities for eager learners.

For older kids that want a more challenging project, our Mudpuppy 1,000 piece puzzle of the United States will keep them busy sorting and assembling for hours. 

Play in the Yard

Who says that you need to travel any further than your backyard to explore and find a brand new adventure. Even if you have little to no yard, you can transform an outdoor area around your house into an entirely new playscape with the Djeco playhouse tent. This beautifully decorated tent will stir your child’s creativity and imagination but breaks down to fit in a small storage space. This playhouse is perfect for indoor and outdoor use! Give your younger children something adorable to play with and push around with the wonderfully simple Ooh Noo toy pram. This wooden pram is ideal for carting around a toy doll, maybe even alongside mom or dad while they’re taking the baby for a walk. For play on the lawn, look no further than the Portable play mat from Parklon. If you’ve got a child that just won’t sit still, set them up with a Wobbel Waldorf Balance Board for a simple and safe challenge that takes time and practice to master, while enhancing your child’s balance. 

Plant a Garden

Add a little greenery to your backyard with a simple, small garden. Kids of all ages will love getting dirty and watching seeds come to life, even if it’s just one plant in a pot. One of the most fun activities for small children is enjoying the harvest of an edible plant or vegetable. Beans, carrots, peppers, and tomatoes are all remarkably resilient and don’t require much more than regular watering and wedding as needed. As an added benefit, many plants are low maintenance and can easily flourish on a deck or small back patio if space is a concern or constraint. It’s never too early to get kids involved in gardening and care for their environment. Let your kids lend a helping hand with a children’s wooden wheelbarrow that’s easy for them to cart around the yard. 

Plan a Picnic

Is there anything better than a picnic during the summer? Your kids will be thrilled to pack up their favorite toys, put together a simple lunch and head down to the park for an afternoon of outdoor fun. Don’t forget a durable blanket if you’re planning to eat on the ground. The Midi Mat by Gathre is a perfect covering for the beach or a picnic lunch. Ethically and responsibly made with bonded leather, Midi Mats fold up for on-the-go use but are tough enough to withstand all kinds of outdoor escapades. Let your kids participate in picnic planning by playing along with an adorable natural wooden kitchen set or wicker basket that comes in an easy-to-carry box. Last but not least, have each family member do their part to share the load with backpacks for the kids. 

Go For a Hike

Fresh air, quiet trails, and beautiful views are just a few reasons why so many families head out for hikes throughout the summer. However, hiking can be more of a hazard than a getaway if you’re not properly equipped. Stay hydrated with Snacker Bottle, Shoes, clothes. Keep nutritious smoothies on hand and ready to eat with a portable pouch. 

Fly a Kite

Is there anything more alluring than the wild blue yonder? Spark your child’s imagination and set sail for the sunny skies with a ship kite made in collaboration with Balinese artists. The kite packs down into a box.

Make a Sidewalk Chalk Mural

Every parent knows the feeling that something can go very wrong when kids are turned loose with art supplies. Getting the family outside for some artistic inspiration with colorful sidewalk chalk is a great way to reduce stress and give kids an active way to express their inner creativity. You can rest easy and let them draw anything, with any colors, knowing that it won’t be permanent! Our unicorn horn sidewalk chalk sets include wild color combinations and fun designs, all handmade in Philadelphia. 

Visit a National Park or Monument

So far, most of the suggestions in this article are focused on summer activities to do with kids that don’t require you to travel far, or at all. However, because summer is such a popular time for family vacations, our list wouldn’t be complete without proposing a quick day-trip or overnight stay at a national park or monument. We know from experience that the first overnight stay with a young child can feel nerve-wracking. How will they react? Will they sleep? With some basic preparation you can let go of your anxiety and know that you’ve planned for contingencies and you’re ready for the unexpected. When headed out of town for the day, especially if you’re going to be gone overnight, remember to pack at least the following:

  • Pack & Play for naps and nighttime sleeping.
  • A sound machine for calming, consistent white noise while everyone’s sleeping.
  • Travel stroller that can easily be set up for walking or packed up and stored in the car.
  • Portable pumps and nursing gear if you’re still breastfeeding.
  • A portable play mat to keep your child entertained while you’re not out exploring.
  • Hats, sunglasses, and tote bags for all the extras.

Now that you’re ready for an adventure, find an exciting outing near you with the National park Service’s handy tool and get going!


Finding summer activities to do with kids shouldn’t feel impossible or overwhelming. We encourage you to look through our huge variety of carefully curated toys, games, and other kids’ recreational items for more ideas on how to keep everyone safe, happy, and healthfully entertained this summer.

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