Jellycat Stuffed Animals

    Jellycat Harvey Bear Plush Toy


    Harvey Bear is the king of naptime. Golden-brown and wonderfully lazy, Harvey will flop at the drop of a hat. With a rumpled tummy, huge weighted paws, a bobble tail...

    Jellycat Jellycat Perry Polar Bear Lying


    Feeling snoozy? Cuddle up close to scrummy Perry Lying. Our polar bear pal is loveably lazy and soft as a snowdrift. He's flumpy, flopsy and irresistibly soft in velvety vanilla...

    Jellycat Jellycat Wanderlust Elly


    Wanderlust Elly is one chilled softie in delicate mocha-grey fur. This floppy elephant has big, ruched ears, a curious trunk and weighted paws. Tubby and sweet, with a silky tail,...

    Jellycat Jellycat Wanderlust Puppy


    Here by your side, wherever you roam! Size: H 11.5"

    Jellycat Jellycat Bumbly Bear


    A sandy, dandy teddy, Bumbly Bear is simply scrummy. A ruffly, fluffy fellow with an extra-long snout for vintage style, he's a classic bear with a modern twist. His large...

    Jellycat Jellycat Gilbert The Great Blue Whale


    Curvy and cheery with the biggest balleen grin, it's Jellycat Gilbert the Great Blue Whale! Beautifully blue, with a combed grey belly, half-moon tail, and flappy fins, Gilbert's a jolly...

    Jellycat Jellycat Featherful Swan


    Featherful Swan is a very proud parent, protecting twin cygnets with their fluffy cream wings! This elegant swan has rich vanilla fur, set off by orange suedette feet and a...

    Jellycat Jellycat Floofie Sheepdog


    Normally only little dogs sit on laps, but we'll make an exception for Jellycat Floofie Sheepdog! This tumbly cloud of scruffled softness is too adorable not to hug! With tussled...

    Jellycat Jellycat Smudge Large Elephant


    Smudge Elephant loves naptime, and keeps falling asleep on the march! Flop this supersoft silly down to sit on those squishable trumpet paws. With warm grey-brown fur, bright black eyes...

    Jellycat Jellycat Sullivan The Sperm Whale


    Jellycat Sullivan the Sperm Whale is a mighty marvel, gliding through the ocean with a flip of their tail. Mossy-blue with a cream textured tummy, stitch-detail fins, and a huge...

    Jellycat Jellycat Humphrey The Humpback Whale


    Jellycat Humphrey the Humpback Whale has the coolest frilled fins and scalloped tail - what a stylish swimmer! With soft graphite fur, an ice-cream tum, deep blue eyes, and chunky...

    Jellycat Jellycat Seraphina Pegasus


    Jellycat Seraphina Pegasus has come down to earth, but this swift sky-pony is dreaming of zooming! A magical mystery with midnight fur ruffled and scruffed by the chilly wind, Seraphina...

    Jellycat Alonso Alpaca


    Lofty and gentle, Alonso Alpaca brings the calm vibes wherever he goes. Sitting up straight on big soft haunches, Alonso shows off his vanilla fleece neck. This dapper alpaca has...

    Jellycat Amuseable Bonsai Tree


    Amuseable Bonsai is a serene presence. After all, it takes quite a lot of wisdom and patience to grow your own miniature tree, complete with twisty, suedey trunk and a...

    Jellycat Jellycat Oswald Orangutan


    Jellycat Oswald Orangutan is an affable ape, content to loaf in the lush rainforest. Scrumptiously shaggy in chocolate-orange fur, with a truffle face, hands, and feet, this friendly fellow has...

    Jellycat Jellycat Tawny Reindeer


    Tawny Reindeer has the coziest coat on, in a two-tone fluff. This elegant deer has soft caramel fur and brown booties to match her antlers. The delicately detailed ears, stitched eyelashes,...

    Jellycat Jellycat Bibbly Bobbly Sheep


    Chunky and funky, with fluffiness to spare, it's Bibbly Bobbly Sheep! With weighted haunches in vanilla fleece, a buttercream face and dainty mocha hooves, as well as bright blue eyes...

    Jellycat Jellycat Junglie Monkey


    Junglie Monkey is tufty, goofy and so very cuddly. This banoffee monkey has soft golden accents, a curly tail and a cheeky grin. With a chocolate-drop nose, doughnut ears, and...

    Jellycat Jellycat Festival Dragon


    Eye-catching Festival Dragon is here to make a statement. A scarlet dragon with exquisite golden accents, from tummy to tail tip. Delicately finished with soft cheek tufts and suedette nose,...

    Jellycat Jellycat Nozzy Polar Bear


    Nozzy Polar Bear just got in from a tussly, blustery blizzard! No wonder this scruffled scamp is ready to flump! With big squashy paws, a boopable nose, petal ears, a...

    Jellycat Jellycat Quinn Fox


    Keen and curious, Quinn Fox is a huggable rust-red cub! Beautifully detailed with a huge cuddly tail, vanilla-cream accents and chunky-soft paws, Quinn brings the woodland breeze indoors! A gorgeous...

    Jellycat Jellycat Wiley Whale

    $53.00 – $90.00

    Talking of magnificent, Wiley Whale is a real sea celebrity! This aqua dandy has chunky cord fur and the fluffiest grey ombre underbelly! With a frill detail mouth and flappy...

    Jellycat Jellycat Fergus Frog


    Fergus Frog is a mossy sweetheart in soft velour. With a beany base and toes, hooded eyes, a piped mouth, and lovely glossy eyes, Fergus is a little rumpled and...

    Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Sports Basketball


    Appearing on the court in rich orange fur with black felt line shaping,  Jellycat Amuseable Sports Basketball is a cheery three-point winner of a gift. With a joyful smile, fine cord...

    Jellycats are the perfect slumber party partner, daytime cuddle buddy and bedtime plushie your little one needs, Super cute, ultra-plush, and perfect for your little one, Sometimes quirky, sometimes cute, but always with a little something different that makes them stand out from the crowd, Jellycat stuffed animals are the perfect gift for any little one on your list. The most popular Jellycat plushies sell out quickly, Grab your favorites before they’re gone! Find the perfect plushie to add to your quirky collection from these most adored cuddle buddies.
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