Micro Kickboard Scooter Maxi Micro Deluxe LED Pink

Micro Kickboard Scooter Maxi Micro Deluxe LED Pink

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The Maxi Micro Deluxe takes the multi-award-winning, much-revered children's three-wheeled scooter to the next level. This deluxe version has LED light up front wheels, an anodized stem for extra protection against wear and tear, a unique footplate for improved grip and an increased rider weight limit, meaning that as your child grows, their Micro Maxi Deluxe will grow with them. Impeccable Swiss engineering, thoughtful attention to detail and innovative design make this a scooter to last every adventure.

Product Specs:
  • Suitable Age: 5-12 years
  • Weight Capacity: With seat: 110 pounds
  • Scooter Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • Storage and Travel: T-bar removes from deck
  • Handle Height: O-Bar: 24" to 34" from deck
  • Wheel Size/Material: Front: 120 mm, Back: 80 mm, Polyurethane
  • Length/Width of Scooter: 23" x 5.5"
  • Steering: T-Bar
  • Length/Width of Standing Deck: 13" x 5.5" 

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