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Nook Pebble Niche Nursing Pillow

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Make breastfeeding and bottle-feeding more comfortable for you and your baby. The Niche Feeding Pillow is 100% organic, luxuriously soft, and breathable to keep you and your baby cool and cozy. You’ll use this versatile pillow for more than just holding your baby close, though. Here are just a few ways people are using the Niche:

  • Sitting prop for baby while he’s learning to sit on his own
  • Comfortable pillow for elevated tummy time
  • Body pillow for kids ages 2 and up
  • Side-sleeper pillow for older kids and adults
  • Armrest for knitting or reading time Everyone in the family can use the Niche! Dimension
    • 26x26x8
    • 4 lbs.
    Cover Materials
    • Eucalyptus, Organic Cotton, Zinc, Easy-close Nylon Zipper
    Core Materials
    • Organic Kapok
    Care Instructions
    • Machine wash cover alone in cold water with a mild detergent, and tumble dry low. Do not machine wash the Pillow Core. Spot Clean Only.

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