Best TV Shows for Kids

Aug 27, 2023

When it comes to selecting TV shows for children that not only entertain but also resonate with parents, the task may seem daunting. However,  we've curated a list of 11 remarkable TV shows that strike the perfect balance between engaging content for kids and meaningful themes that parents can appreciate. 


Numberblocks: Playful Math

Numberblocks takes a creative approach to teaching math concepts to young minds. With its vibrant characters representing numbers, this show transforms learning into an exciting adventure. Through engaging narratives, kids absorb foundational math skills without even realizing it. Parents can rest assured that their children are gaining valuable knowledge while being captivated by the colorful world of Numberblocks.


Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood stands out for its focus on emotional understanding. Each episode explores relatable situations that help children navigate their feelings and relationships. This show equips kids with essential life skills, fostering empathy and emotional intelligence that will serve them well as they grow.


Bluey: Lessons in Parenting and Life

Bluey isn't just a children's show; it's a treasure of parenting insights and life lessons. This animated series follows the adventures of a Blue Heeler pup and her family, showcasing the challenges and joys of parenting in a relatable way. Parents can appreciate the subtle humor and wisdom woven into every episode while kids enjoy the adorable characters and playful escapades.

Tab Time by Tabitha Brown: Creativity 

In Tab Time, the charismatic Tabitha Brown leads family-friendly crafting sessions and imparts valuable life skills. With her soothing presence, she guides viewers through various creative projects that foster imagination and practical abilities. This show not only provides entertainment but also encourages hands-on learning and artistic expression.


Ms. Rachel: Language Development

Ms. Rachel takes an interactive approach to language development. Through engaging songs and activities, children are immersed in a world of words and communication. This show nurtures linguistic skills while keeping kids entertained and actively involved in the learning process.


Trash Truck: Friendship

Trash Truck delivers heartwarming stories centered around friendship and everyday adventures. The show captures the magic of childhood friendships, teaching valuable lessons about kindness, empathy, and cooperation. Parents can appreciate the positive messages while children enjoy the endearing characters and their delightful escapades.

Sesame Street: Timeless Classic of Literacy and Diversity

A true classic that has stood the test of time, Sesame Street remains a beacon of literacy and diversity. Through its beloved characters and engaging segments, the show continues to educate children on a wide range of subjects while celebrating the beauty of uniqueness and inclusivity.


Ask The Storybots: Curious Questions 

Ask The Storybots tackles complex questions with a dose of humor and creativity. Featuring celebrity guests, this show takes children on entertaining journeys to find answers to their curious inquiries. Parents can appreciate the show's ability to satisfy kids' curiosity while delivering amusing and educational content.


WordWorld:Reading and Word Learning

Innovative and visually engaging, WordWorld takes a unique approach to teaching reading and vocabulary. The show's characters are formed from the letters that spell their names, creating a captivating visual representation of words. This creative concept aids children in grasping language skills in an enjoyable and memorable way.


Little Einsteins: Art and Music for Preschoolers

Little Einsteins on Disney+ introduces preschoolers to the world of art and music. Through captivating adventures and interactive activities, children are exposed to artistic and musical concepts that ignite their creativity and imagination. Parents can appreciate the show's dedication to cultivating cultural appreciation and artistic expression.


Elizabeth Mitchell Kadar: A Mother's Perspective

Finally, let's not forget the insights of a real-life parent, Elizabeth Mitchell Kadar. As a freelance writer and mother of three, Elizabeth resides in California. Her experiences and perspectives provide a relatable touchstone for parents seeking quality content for their children. Her presence in the realm of parenting adds authenticity and resonance to the content landscape.



In a world saturated with content, finding TV shows that genuinely resonate with both children and parents is amazing. These 11 carefully selected shows excel at creating an enriching and entertaining experience for families.

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