Play Time

    Penguin 100 First Words: City Book


    With flaps to lift on every page, this stylish first-word book is full of objects for children to recognize in a city or town.With a clear grid layout and bold,...

    Penguin 100 First Words: Nature Book


    A nature-based title in this prize-winning lift-the-flap seriesWith bold, easy-to-lift card flaps, this stylish first-word book is full of objects for children to recognize in nature. Every word is brought...

    Mudpuppy 1000 Piece Puzzle Cool Cats A Z


    Put together this 1000 piece family puzzle to reveal a series of "Cool Cats" that represent letters of the alphabet. This fun and eye-catching puzzle feature art by Carolyn Gavin....

    Omy Design 12 Piece Neon and Metallic Art Pastels


    Let your creativity express itself with this palette of 12 oil pastels in bright, fluorescent, and metallic colors.This new Beaux-Arts quality graphic tool completes our writing range and promises you drawings in...

    Hape 2 in 1 Kitchen and Grill Toy Set


    Role-play cooking a delicious meal together with your child with this realistic 2-in-1 Kitchen & Grill Set that includes metal accessories, clicking, turnable knobs, and an adjustable clock. Product size...

    Fat Brain Toys 24 Piece Squigz Starter Building Set


    Fat Brain Toys 24 Piece Squigz Starter Set is the perfect toy to give to your little one to use in any environment, to stick on everything from walls, to...

    Lalaboom 3in1 Shape Sorter and Balance Game


    The Lalaboom 3-in-1 shapes sorter box is a step-by-step toy. It promotes sensory discoveries and develops essential cognitive and fine motor abilities.   The shaped box contains an activity board...

    PicassoTiles 56 Pieces Magnetic Building Set with ...


    The 56pc magnetic building tiles feature 56 unique educational and fun creative design graphics from 28 click-in cards to teach about Alphabet reading or writing, Animals, Fruits, Numbers, Number matching...

    PicassoTiles 60 Pieces Glow in The Dark Magnetic B...


    Picasso’s 60-Piece Tiles Glow in the Dark is the perfect toy for your little innovative builder! This set is an easy construct, and also features simple storage. Suitable for children...

    Tonies A Christmas Carol and Tales Audio Pla...


    One of the greatest Christmas classics of all time comes to the Toniebox... and brings a few other favorites. These timeless stories written by world-renowned writers such as Charles Dickens,...

    Moon Picnic A Dozen Bird Eggs in a Box Toy


    This beautiful toy set is perfect for little hands to hold to feel the warmth of the wood, different sizes and curves, to roll, sort and count. Observe the lovely...

    Workman A Photicular Book Dinosaur


    Journey a hundred million years back in time, and see 8 amazing dinosaurs in motion. A New York Times bestseller! Using unique Photicular® technology that’s like a 3-D movie on the page, DINOSAUR brings...

    Workman A Photicular Book Outback


    Embark on an eye-opening adventure in the land Down Under, and see eight creatures in astounding motion. From the New York Times bestselling series.Using Photicular® technology that’s like a 3-D...

    Workman A Photicular Book Polar


    Take a stunning journey to the ends of the earth through the colorful, fluid motion of Photicular® technology. A phenomenon first seen in the bestsellers Safari and Ocean, Photicular technology...

    Workman A Photicular Book Safari


    A New York Times bestseller, Safari is a magical journey for the whole family. Readers, as if on African safari, encounter eight wild animals that come alive using never-before-seen Photicular...

    Kid O a to z Lowercase Magnatab Toy


    Help your little one learn to write the curves of the lowercase alphabet with the sensory-reinforced Kid O’s a to z Lower Case Magnatab! Included: Magnatab board, & the magnetic...

    Chronicle Books A to Z Menagerie Alphabet Book


    A to Z Menagerie is a multisensory alphabet book unlike any other. This unique reading experience features a die-cut letter to trace and a satisfying pull-tab reveal for each letter of...

    BeginAgain A to Z Puzzle Animal Parade


    From letters to colors to animal names to storytelling, BeginAgain Animal Parade A-Z Puzzle game for toddlers is a wooden puzzle with a world of possibilities. Age: 2 years+ Measures...

    BeginAgain A to Z Space Puzzle


    The Space A to Z Puzzle is an out-of-this-world science adventure. The chunky durable pieces teach the alphabet through space-related objects, from A is for Astronaut Armstrong to Z is...

    Kid O A to Z Uppercase Magnatab Toy


    Let’s learn our letters! With easy-to-follow arrows, playful colors, and multi-sensory engagement, The Original Magnatab makes learning a fun and satisfying experience. Practice over and over with the magnetic stylus...

    Cottage Door Press ABC and 123 Learning Songs Book


    Singing is learning and learning is fun!  Toddlers and preschoolers can sing along with these popular learning songs in this fun songbook. Featuring a wooden inlay and sturdy construction, this book is...

    Walter Foster Jr. ABC for Me: ABC What Can He Be? Book


    ABC What Can He Be? presents a wonderful world full of possibilities—from Astronaut to Zoo Veterinarian and everything in between.   Whether they're fascinated by construction sites, vehicles, teaching, dancing, music,...

    Walter Foster Jr. ABC for Me: ABC What Can She Be? Book


    ABC What Can She Be? presents a world of possibilities—from astronaut to zoologist and everything in between—for all little girls with big dreams.   ABC What Can She Be? explores 26 different career...

    Sophie La Giraffe Activities Plush Toy


    Sophie La Girafe Activities Plush to stimulate baby's senses. The plush toy is full of softness thanks to its ultra-soft micro velvet fur, but also very flexible due to the...

    Play is essential for children because it contributes to their intellectual, physical, emotional and social development. When children play, they exercise their creativity, develop their imagination, master their dexterity, improve their cognitive ability and build physical strength. Experts agree that the best kinds of play allow kids to set their own goals, negotiate challenges, develop and share ideas, and make their own rules. 

    But how can we make sure our kids are getting enough healthy, unstructured play time when they’re growing up in an overscheduled and stressful environment, when parents are overly focused on producing high academic achievers, and safety concerns prevent us from letting our kids roam around freely and unsupervised? Perhaps the best thing we can do for our kids is to make sure they have the right kinds of toys at home to make play time most rewarding.

    First and foremost is safety. Safe toys for young children are sturdy, without sharp parts or splinters, free of pinching hazards, and easy to clean. If the toy will be used by an infant, it’s important that parts aren’t small enough to become a choking hazard.

    Toys must be made from non-toxic materials and coated with lead-free paints. You should steer clear of antique toys, second-hand toys and homemade toys that have not been tested and approved by a certified testing lab, or may have been produced before the current regulations governing toy manufacturing were in effect.

    In addition to being safe, a good toy will match the child’s appropriate stage of development and abilities.

    The best baby activity toys for infants between 0-6 months are things they can reach, grasp, suck on, shake, and make noise with. Some age-appropriate toys for little babies are squeeze toys, teething toys, soft dolls, textured balls, and board books.

    Infants between 6-12 months are starting to crawl, sit up and pull themselves to a standing position. They are capable putting things in and out of containers and placing objects on top of each other. Some of the best baby activity toys for this age group are dolls, vehicles with wheels, bath toys, large beads, nesting toys, large soft blocks, wooden blocks, and push & pull toys.

    As your child continues to grow, look for toys that will encourage them to explore, create, pretend, imagine, and learn from trial and error.

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