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    Jellycat Jellycat A Pair of Lovely Lovebirds


    Lovebirds are affixed together by a stitch that can be removed to separate after purchase.  Jellycat A Pair of Lovely Lovebirds Details: Size: H5 inches

    Jellycat Jellycat Amore Cat


    Jellycat Amore Cat is a great snuggle in cat form. This sleepy silly is perfectly podgy in textured fur. With waggly whiskers, dreamy eyes, a swooshy tail, and teeny paws,...

    Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Avocado

    $17.50 – $55.00

    Get your five-a-day in an adorable way with Amuseable Avocado! Scrummily green and soft, our veggie chum has a natty two-tone jacket in speckled fur. We love that squashy, suedey...

    Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Banana


    Full of energy, sunshine and smiles, Jellycat Amuseable Banana has landed! This kooky fruit is beautifully curved with stitchy details and a suedey brown stalk. Sporting a grin and cocoa cord boots,...

    Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Burger


    The star of any barbecue bash,  Jellycat Amuseable Burger is dressed to impress! From top to bottom, this burger's rocking a brilliant two-tone golden bun, cordy arms, a fluffy green gherkin,...

    Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Candy Cane

    $18.50 – $35.00

    Peeping out of a festive stocking, it's Jellycat Amuseable Candy Cane! Stripey-silly in scarlet and cream, with cordy brown boots and a friendly grin, this soft little scamp can't wait...

    Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Cherries


    These cheeky twins bring a bunch of mischief! The Jellycat Amuseable Cherries are scrumptiously bold in squishable fuchsia fur. Rich reddy-pink and ready to go, they have kicky cord boots,...

    Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Cloud

    $23.50 – $52.50

    Lost in a daydream? Let Amuseable Cloud be your dreamy companion. This cumulus cutie is tufty and tussled in scrumptious cream fur, with cordy grey feet for running across the...

    Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Cream Orchid


    Amuseable Cream Orchid is putting on a fine display! Just look at those big, marshmallowy blooms – like puffs of silky steam! With a linen pot, fluffy choc soil, and...

    Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Daffodil


    It's springtime all year round with Amuseable Daffodils! This daffy daff has a linen pot, fluffy brown soil, and cordy feet. With green cordy stems and sunny velvety flowers, this...

    Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Doughnut


    A treat for the eyes, Jellycat Amuseable Doughnut is a burst of kooky sweetness! With soft golden dough, berry-pink icing, stitch rainbow sprinkles and cordy fudge boots, this doughnut's weighted...

    Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Happy Boiled Egg


    Start your day in a snuggly way with Jellycat Amuseable Boiled Egg! This breakfast buddy has fluffy white fur, a yummy yellow yolk, and a super cute smile. Keep an...

    Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Heart

    $15.00 – $25.00

    How about a heart-to-heart? Who wouldn't want to give Amuseable Heart a big squeeze? This fluffy, sentimental softy was just made for hugging, with cordy feet like plump little coals...

    Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Hot Dog


    For summer fun, meet this silly sausage!  Jellycat Amuseable Hot Dog loves a trip to the fairground, trotting along on cordy feet. With a fluffy bread bun in beige and white...

    Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Hyacinth


    Amuseable Hyacinth is putting on a fine display! Just look at those blooms! With a linen pot, fluffy choc soil, and cordy boots and leaves, this cheerful charmer would make a...

    Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Moon

    $28.50 – $60.00

    Gorgeously textured with velvety craters,  Jellycat Amuseable Moon is full of fun! A midnight matey for bedtime hugs, this pearly-white pal is curvy and cuddly. With squidgy cord booties, a weighted...

    Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Peach


    Perfectly plump and peachy-keen.   Jellycat Amuseable Peach is gorgeously squishy, with yummy, cozy, glowy fur. This loveable fruit has a funky toffee stalk and a green suedey leaf. An...

    Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Pineapple


    For tons of texture and funky fun, grab Jellycat Amuseable Pineapple! Fuzzle and muss that scruffly fur and punky hairdo of minty fluff! Delightfully daft, this roly-poly poppet is just...

    Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Poinsettia


    Amuseable Poinsettia is full of festive floral fun! This perky plant has ruby-red petals and stitchy golden pockets of pollen! In a soft woolly pot with cordy legs and leaves...

    Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Pretzel


    Freckly, friendly, and fresh from the bakery,  Jellycat Amuseable Pretzel is knotty but nice! This squishy silly is golden brown, with cocoa cord boots and stitchy salt speckles! Huggy and hearty...

    Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Rainbow

    $27.50 – $90.00

    Amuseable Rainbow loves everybody, and welcomes one and all for big, colorful hugs! With pastel stripes in peach, yellow and turquoise, cordy arms, and a goofy smile, this squidgy rainbow...

    Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Rainbow Birthday Cake

    $32.50 – $55.00

    Celebrate in color with Jellycat Amuseable Rainbow Birthday Cake! This joyful cake has four soft layers in pink, purple, yellow and green, fluffy icing with chocolate flecks and a suedette...

    Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Ramen


    Jellycat Amuseable Ramen is full of kawaii charm, from the cream-and-red bowl to the suedette chopsticks. Filled with wavy cord noodles, suedette spring onions and fluffy boiled eggs, as well...

    Jellycat Jellycat Amuseable Sports American Fo...


    With silky soft tan-hued fur, cream suede lacing detail, and soft stripes on either end of this classically shaped sports favorite, Jellycat Amuseable American Football is a captivating catch (and...

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