Japanese Made Kids Toothbrush Airplanes

Japanese Made Kids Toothbrush Airplanes

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Kids' grown-up toothbrush they can handle on their own!

With this cute toothbrush for kids, they will stay motivated to brush their teeth preventing early cavities. It is ergonomically designed by dentists, just for your little grown-ups.

  • Soft, round-tip bristles brush effectively without scratching soft gums and teeth.
  • Teardrop handle is made for a comfortable and easy-grip
  • Slimmer neck and compact head help kids reach molars, tight spaces, and hidden spots.


  • BPA free
  • FDA Approved 
  • Withstands water temperature up to 176°F
  • Materials: Handle - Saturated polyester resin; Bristle - Nylon
  • Made in Japan

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