Moony Girl Pull Ups XXL (13-25kg)

Moony Girl Pull Ups XXL (13-25kg)

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Your baby's bottom will always be dry, and his mood will be perfect.

The breathable material makes sweat evaporate, and special scattering cells effectively absorb the "baby's surprises" and protect the baby's skin from the appearance of diaper rash.

Soft elastic material! Preexisting diapers stretched through the use of various sets on fabric that was not originally stretchy, like the fabric of a baby's shirt. New material Soft Retch stretches by itself, like the knitted fabric used for stockings. Use of stretchy material on a diaper is a truly revolutionary invention!

  • Size XX-Large: 13-25 Kg
  • 26 pcs
  • Soft Touch
  • Super absorbent
  • Made in Japan

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